Monday, November 23, 2009

"ME" time = Wii time?

One thing that I have learned is that no matter how much I love my little girl and want to hold her and be with her all the time, I've got to get out and have some "me" time! However, this isn't always as easy as I once may have thought.
  I have to make sure I have pumped enough milk for the time I will be gone. I have to make sure that I am either back home in time to nurse/pump so that I don't get engorged or take the pump with me. Finding a place to pump is a whole other issue too! I also have to make sure that her dad can stay with her (at this point we haven't gotten a sitter yet. Other than the nursery at church, she is always with one of us. Even at church, I know that she is only a few feet away and Mrs. Cathy can get to me immediately if needed!).

I have managed to get away twice in six weeks though! :) About a week ago my friend Alexis and I went to get pedicures, lunch, and a quick stop at Target to pick up a few things. I rarely get pedicures, but it was WAY past time to do something about my feet (that I can now see again!)! We didn't go to any fancy, expensive spa, just a local (Vietnamese) Salon but it was still wonderful and relaxing and worth every penny!
Yesterday, my friend Cindy and I went to Panara Bread (YUMMY) and to a movie while our husbands stayed home - probably playing PlayStation - to watch the baby. We went to see New Moon and although it wasn't nearly as good as the book, it was also a very good movie and a welcome day/evening out!
I am still awaiting the "go ahead" to start running again which will be my ultimate "me time" activity, but until then, Cindy and I have decided to try out the jogging stroller by walking the day after Thanksgiving. She lives about 1.5miles from me so I may just walk Reagan over to her house so as to get in a few extra miles - I have some baby fat to work off still!
As for the title of this, I don't have a Wii to use a my "me time" but I'm hoping perhaps I will have a Wii Fit soon! Rookie Moms, a blog that I follow, is giving away a Fitness Ultimatum 2010 and Wii Fit Plus with a Balance Board. All you have to do is leave a comment telling them what you do for your "me time" as a mom. Wish me luck...

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