Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday was a day of Air, Master's, and a Vampire

Life in Florida without an air conditioner is bad.

Life in Florida in the middle of August without an air conditioner is really bad.

Life in Florida in the middle of August without an air conditioner WHILE PREGNANT is PURE TORTURE!!!

I have been without A/C for a week and a half. It broke on a Saturday, apparently it was a cylinder that had cracked and leaked all the oil and freon. Fun fun fun. The warranty was past so to fix it would be half the cost of buying a whole new unit, so we decided to go with the new, more economical unit. It got put in on Wednesday....finally!

Until it was fixed, I did convince my husband to go buy a small window unit at Wall-mart to put in the bedroom. It wasn't quite big enough to cool the entire bedroom and the bathroom but it worked well enough to keep it from being scorching in one room of the house as well.

The only problem was the room service sucked... hahaha :)

Wednesday however, was a great day. Not only did I get my A/C fixed, but I also finished up all my final paperwork (Case Study, portfolio, reflection paper) for my Master's Degree and submitted it all. It will be so wonderful to have these last few months before Reagan is born to not have to constantly write papers or read textbooks. I can't even begin to imagine having to continue with all of this AND take care of a newborn... It wouldn't have worked at all!! Just call me "Master Mommy!"

The bizarre thing about Wednesday was that I woke up with a busted blood vessel in my left eye causing a red blood spot/ring around the white part of my eye. If you have read,or seen the movie (although the book is, as usual, way better) Twilight, you will know that both new vampires have red eyes (Older vampires who have recently fed on human blood also have red eyes too haha, but I can assure you that I have NOT had any of that!!). Let me tell was a ton of fun to go to school and work with Kindergartners, first and second graders with a blood red eye! Too bad it wasn't Halloween!!

My doctor said that it is fairly common for pregnant women to pop blood vessels in their eyes. I could have sneezed, rubbed it, coughed, rolled over wrong in bed, who knows what.

To say the least...I had a very interesting day yesterday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pregnancy torture

Pregnant women like to eat. That is a fact. Not an opinion, a fact (well unless that pregnant woman is having morning sickness...then she may want to eat but can't).

With this fact in mind, why oh why is it not considered torture to ask a pregnant woman to fast for 10 hours to then come to the hospital, get blood drawn and fast for 3-4 MORE hours!?!?

I failed my first glucose test...the easy one, the one you don't have to fast for, the one that they only take one vial of blood, the one that only takes an hour.

I don't know by how much I failed the 1 hour test but I did and I had to do what they call the 3 hour test. 3 hours my fat booty!!

10 hours prior to going to take the test, you have to fast for 10 hours. Then you go to the hospital or the lab and wait. Yes, wait. Those places never get you right in! Then they take one vial of blood and sent you to a room to again...wait. After about 30-40 minutes they come in and either you are OK to take the test or your blood sugar is too high already to even start. If they continue, they give you the NASTIEST foul tasting drink. Pure sugar water with what they want to call flavoring...bleh!!

After drinking the drink (with an audience to make sure you actually drink it all and don't throw it up), you again wait. For an hour. Then they draw blood...and you wait another hour. After that hour they draw MORE blood and have you wait yet ANOTHER hour. After that hour, they draw the final vial of blood and release you to do a mad run/waddle to the nearest McDonalds - at this point not even caring if you are diabetic or not!

Luckily, I passed the 3 hour test and I in fact do not have gestational diabetes. I've since learned that many many people fail the 1 hour yet pass the 3 hour. I think it is a ply by the lab techs...they like to see us preggos squirm!

I didn't eat anything after 8:00 one night, and didn't get to eat until nearly noon he next day! That would make me cranky even when I'm not pregnant!!

Now where did I leave that chocolate cake... ?