Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank You Granny!!

My granny, my dad, and my granny's friend ::wink wink:: Joe came to visit Chris and I this week. This morning, Granny took me to Target, pulled up my registry, bought several things off of it... and MORE! I am so thankful!!

She bought a Diaper Genie with 2 refills, 2 boxes of newborn diapers, wipes, a bassinet, a changing pad, a chair that converts from a high chair to a toddler booster seat, bottle brushes, nursing pads, blankets, washcloths, onsies, footed PJ's, bottles, those pacifiers with the mesh that you can put frozen fruit and stuff in when they are teething, a Boppy pillow, and a baby tub. I joked that she wasn't leaving anything for anyone else to buy!

I'm also very thankful for my mother who has also already bought the crib bedding, as well as all my wonderful friends who have given me awesome hand-me-down items. With all of this stuff starting to pile up, it's starting to really sink in....WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Expo

Yesterday, I met up with my sister Amy, a friend of hers, and the friend's mother and aunt to go to a Baby Expo put on by a local radio station. It was a really great day...long... but great. I met them at 9, and we didn't leave until 3:30ish!!

The Expo included multiple vendors and service providers for expectant and new mommies. It seemed each booth had samples, goodies, fliers, information, and raffles! We of course signed up for every raffle, took all the samples anyone would offer as well as the literature about the best breast pumps, child safety, nutrition, and anything else. They gave us a bag at the entrance, but several of the vendors also gave us bags. I ended up with 3 canvas bags and a small diaper bag full of goodies! I came home with several lip balms, a large thing of Simalac, a big cuddly purple stuffed bear, a tee shirt, a diaper bag, a ribbon for measuring how big my belly is getting, a DVD of Christian children's songs, more pens than even I know what to do with, and samples of everything from diaper rash cream to lotion and Preparation H. I don't think I won any of the raffles, at least, I haven't been contacted yet! We ended up taking Ariella out of her stroller and carrying her in order to pile all of our bags and things on the stroller!

They also had discussion and question/answer sessions with professionals about different baby topics. We went to the feeding one as well as one that was a panel of moms answering questions about anything related to kids. It was really informative and interesting.

But, like I said, it was a LONG day and I was exhausted when I got home.

This is me sitting on the floor of the expo with Ariella. I just couldn't
stand up any longer, and she was out like a light!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

I had another appointment with the specialist today, but since Chris couldn't be there with me, my friend Alexis went with me instead. We got the see the baby moving and wiggling around and find out that I am definitely having a baby girl! The nurse was doing the ultrasound and the doctor quickly walked through and said, "Well that's a little girl!" the nurse laughed and looked at it again and agreed...definitely a girl.

Everything looks great, including my BP so the doctor (not to mention me) is very pleased!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A few parent/family pictures

These pictures were actually taken June 29th when Chris's parents were here.

An Unborn Baby's Prayer

I love being so close to you Mommy, I was lulled to sleep when you were walking today, the gentle warm waters rocked me so. Did you feel me kick today Mommy? I have been practicing so long for you to feel me, I want you to know I am well and growing. I have hiccups tonight, I just can't stop them coming and it feels so strange-I hope they don't keep you awake too. I did a somersault for you Mommy, I turned over and back again cos I found I can still do it, I won't be able to soon but I suppose that will make you glad! Today I heard for the first time, Mommy-I heard your heart beating slow and steady next to mine; will your heart always be close to me? You have a lovely voice that I will recognize at once, for I woke and heard you singing-will you sing to me when I'm cradled in your arms? You must have been in sunshine today, for I saw red colors shining through my fused eyelids. I want so much to see you and the colors you wear. O how I wish I could always be this close, Mommy, protected and stretching and growing under your heart, but I know you tire easily so I must be in your arms! I want you to love me forever, Mommy- I've prayed God will make my skin really velvety soft, so you will want to touch me and cover me in kisses. God's told me He's preparing me as a gift for you, He's shaping me in a secret place known to just us three… I've asked God to help you love me, Mommy, to make me the best baby just for you-He whispered," Just relax and be yourself, that's all you have to do"