Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doctor Frustrations!

I know doctors have families, I know they have lives and are people too, and I know things happen... but why do they have to happen to MY doctor right before MY FIRST appointment?!?! I got a call today saying that my appointment for tomorrow is canceled, which means the second appointment which is to be next week is also canceled! :( Now, the first time I can get in is on April 1st for the "meet and greet" and April 13th for the first real appointment. I had hoped for a Spring Break appointment so I wouldn't have to take any extra time off of work and could save my sick time, but my doctor will be out of town that week as well! UGH!! Guess all I can do is wait...

On a good note, I'm feeling a little better now. Still exhausted and fatigued, but at least not as sick feeling anymore. At least, not all the time.

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