Wednesday, April 1, 2009

first doctor's appointment

Well we made it to the doctor's appointment today and although we didn't actually see the doctor, the nurse practitioner we saw was excellent and answered all of our questions very well. We found out that our doctor is not one who jumps too quickly to C-sections, which is a very good thing! We also received a large bag of goodies and info to look through on everything from the hospital where I will deliver to breastfeeding. She was also able to get us an appointment with another Doctor to do genetic testing for disorders such as Downs Syndrome. We would never terminate just because of a disability, but we decided we wanted to do it for two reasons. 1) To ease any nerves or be prepared if the tests come back positive and 2) to get a chance to see the baby a week earlier! The genetic testing includes a sonogram as well as finger prick so we are very excited about getting to see our baby next week rather than waiting until the 13th.

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