Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Unborn Baby's Prayer

I love being so close to you Mommy, I was lulled to sleep when you were walking today, the gentle warm waters rocked me so. Did you feel me kick today Mommy? I have been practicing so long for you to feel me, I want you to know I am well and growing. I have hiccups tonight, I just can't stop them coming and it feels so strange-I hope they don't keep you awake too. I did a somersault for you Mommy, I turned over and back again cos I found I can still do it, I won't be able to soon but I suppose that will make you glad! Today I heard for the first time, Mommy-I heard your heart beating slow and steady next to mine; will your heart always be close to me? You have a lovely voice that I will recognize at once, for I woke and heard you singing-will you sing to me when I'm cradled in your arms? You must have been in sunshine today, for I saw red colors shining through my fused eyelids. I want so much to see you and the colors you wear. O how I wish I could always be this close, Mommy, protected and stretching and growing under your heart, but I know you tire easily so I must be in your arms! I want you to love me forever, Mommy- I've prayed God will make my skin really velvety soft, so you will want to touch me and cover me in kisses. God's told me He's preparing me as a gift for you, He's shaping me in a secret place known to just us three… I've asked God to help you love me, Mommy, to make me the best baby just for you-He whispered," Just relax and be yourself, that's all you have to do"

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