Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can I astral project during labor?

Chris and I went to a childbirth class today. It was interesting but loooooooong. 9am-5:30pm and the instructor rambled quite a bit and really over shared about her personal life! I'm really not interested in how much hair you had...well... wherever! LOL

There was an interesting handout comparing natural childbirth to running a marathon; very appropriate for me as I have finished 3 full marathons. I could totally relate to the ups and downs of the roller coaster of emotions that happen, not that I want to try natural childbirth. Mr. Epidural man will be my friend! :)

My biological mother had very quick births (I think I was about 3 hours, my sister was about 2.5 and my little brother didn't even wait on the epidural to take affect before he literally shot out!). My sister just gave birth in 5 hours and my Granny Jo was joking that she could have had all 3 of her children in that time. I'm hoping some of those quick-birth genes found their way to me!

While we were at the hospital, we tried to preregister (Really, while in labor, who wants to take the time to register at the hospital and pull out insurance cards and all?). This was the 2nd time we had tried to do this. The first time we were there for another class, Child Care, and we got there early so we could preregister. The woman looked at me , standing in front of her, and told me "We have to have you here to do that." Uhm...was I only dreaming that I was standing in the hospital lobby? Had I astral projected? What was going on? But I had to pee so I didn't feel like standing there and pushing the issue and instead went off in search of a bathroom. I then just went straight to my Child Safety class. By the time it was over, the registration desk was closed and we didn't want to bother the ER since we knew we would be back in a few days for another class and figured we would register then.

So today Chris and I walk up and tell the man at the desk that we would like to preregister. He looked at me and said, "There's no one here on Sundays that can do that." >scratching head< 1) Wasn't HE there? or was he the one astral projecting this time? and 2) it is SATURDAY!! No matter what we said he just kept repeating that there is no one there on Sundays to preregister us, so Chris and I finally gave up and decided 3rd times a charm, we'll try it another time. We have other, more important things to deal with this week.

The sad thing is that this is the hospital with the best reputation in the area. The other two hospitals have... well... interesting nicknames where this one just goes by either it's actual name or initials. I've heard wonderful things about this hospital so I'm just going to try to keep upbeat and convinced that there is something mystical about the lobby that allows people to astral project!

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