Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet (?) Dreams

I've had some weird pregnancy dreams before, but last night takes the cake. I had two weird pregnancy dreams that I actually remember.

The first one, I dreamt that
Chris and I were in bed about to go to sleep when...ahem..well... Chris wanted to... well... start something. However, the baby was starting to crown yet I hadn't had any contractions or signs of labor! We decided that we needed to get to the hospital, but as we haven't yet packed a "hospital bag," we started trying to gather the things we would need and throw them into a bag. We couldn't find what we wanted and started arguing over what was needed and what wasn't. All of a sudden, without any further warning, the baby was born! We never made it to the hospital!

Needless to say..I made a list of things to get/pack and will be packing a bag in the next couple of days! (anyone have any "couldn't live without" tips for what I will need?)

The second one pertained to a real event that happened today. I had a doctor's appointment this morning. In real life, I went to work, had a meeting, and left right after to get to my appointment. In my dream however, my car broke down which made me miss work all together and made me late to my appointment. Once I got to the appointment, they told me that had filled my slot, I could no longer see the doctor, and I had to go to "Building O" to see some other guy. I don't know what the deal was with the new doctor or the building, but it terrified me and I didn't want to go. When I argued it, however, I was threatened with, "Do we need to send you to Building X?" which scared me even more! What are these crazy buildings and why were they so mean to me? haha

Again... needless to say...I showed up 20 minutes EARLY to my appointment today!

On a side note, the doctor said everything looked great, "beautiful" even. My blood pressure has been great, the baby's heartbeat was nice and strong, and I am measuring at 35 weeks which is exactly where I am :)

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