Friday, May 29, 2009

Blood Pressure confusion

I went to the specialist last week who told me that he didn't think my blood pressure was high enough to worry about and wanted me to get off the meds my other doc put me on and just keep checking my blood pressure every day. So that's what I've done for a week.

I think, for the most part, my BP has been fairly normal, granted it is in the higher range of normal, at home without the meds. One day I took it and it was high but I chalked it up to the fact that I had been cleaning the house all day.

So I go back to my regular doctor today and she tells me that her philosophy and his are different. She thinks of high as being anything over 140/90 while he lets it go to 150/100 before he is concerned. She also tells me that he isn't worried about delivering a baby at 32 or 34 weeks but she doesn't like to.

So she tells me that since most of my BP's are pretty good, that she is OK with just keeping a close eye on it without the meds,but I have to call her if I have two consecutive days of it being above "her" high.

She also told me I can't do housework. I'm on a modified bed rest. Unless I'm taking a shower, going to the bathroom, or something else completely necessary, I'm to be sitting with my feet up or laying down. Great, I don't have to clean the house...but who will? Surely not hubby! I love him to death but his idea of "clean enough" is nowhere near my idea of "clean enough."

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  1. Oh my... I can see why you're so confused. Sorry to hear that. Thankfully all seems to be well with the baby, right? And housework... well, it will still be there waiting for you. :)