Thursday, June 18, 2009

The big brother

For nearly 6 years, my cat has been an only child. He has been very spoiled and loved with full reign over HIS house. My husband often tries to get out of doing things around the house because the cat is sitting on his lap or something. It's all about the comfort of the cat!

However, the cat doesn't always realize he is a cat. Sometimes we think that he thinks he is a dog. When we come home, he is waiting at the door to "talk" to us and follows us all though the house. Although cats are usually pretty independent, ours won't be in a room unless one of us us in there too. If he finds that he is in a room alone, he will start to cry and meow until one of us calls him so that he knows exactly were to find us - and then he makes a bee line straight to us!

Lately, however, the cat has been curled up with me, following me around waiting on me to sit down so that he can curl up on my lap, or more precisely, on my baby-belly. My growing belly has become his favorite personal pillow. He purrs the entire time he is perched there as well. I've often asked him if he is cuddling up to his baby sister. I wonder what he is going to do when she starts kicking him!

The only issue is that he still has his claws, and he knows how to use them. Often he uses them even when I don't think he really means to. When he has decided it is time to play, he loves to attack feet that are hanging out of the covers or that are randomly tapping - and yes, the claws come out. He has even been known to reach out and "touch" my face while I'm sleeping. Hubby thinks it is because I jerk so suddenly when he does this that makes his claws come out (he's never done it to him). Hes gotten my nose pretty good a couple of times this way. I think maybe he's trying to cuddle up and I'm breathing on him or something. My biggest concern is that I really don't want him clawing the baby.

Someone suggested setting up the crib early and covering it with tin foil so if/when he jumps up on it, it will freak him and he will eventually leave the crib alone, even without the tin foil. I suggested this to hubby who just laughed. "Have you seen him with tin foil?" and it's true, our cat who doesn't know it's a cat, also doesn't know he is supposed to be afraid of tin foil. Guess that idea won't work!


  1. Cat's often like tin foil balls. Set up the crib now and everytime the cat gets close to the crib, spray it with a water bottle. After a dozen times (cats are slow) it'll get the hint and stay away. If you do it before the baby is associated, it won't think that baby Alexis is the water culprit. That's how we got the cats off the tables and counters.

  2. My cat is the same and when the baby came the cat wanted absolutely nothing to do with her...and for the most part still doesnt.