Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ok, where are the cameras? This has got to be part of a comedy show...

Since you have all seen my baby belly now (if not, click here), you can understand how difficult it would be for me to try to retrieve something (such as a cell phone) under the bed. But that's just what I had to do this morning:

I'm sitting in the living room when I hear my phone beep that I have a new text message. The phone is on the bedside table in the bedroom so I get up to walk in there to see what the message is.

As I pick up my phone, I accidentally drop it and it slips between the bed and the table to the floor.

Bracing myself with one hand, I managed to get down on hands and knees to see if I could spot my slippery cell phone. I couldn't.

So, because my stomach is in the way, I can't lay on my stomach to search under the bed so I have to lay on my side. First one side and then the other in order to see under both the bed and the table. Not the easiest of things to do. I can't just simply roll over...can't be on the tummy remember. I have to first get back on hands and knees then switch positions. Unfortunately, this still didn't work. I still couldn't see my phone.

I heave myself back up and go in search of a working flashlight - which I cannot seem to find/ Instead I grab a little glass tea light holder and stick a tea light into it, light it, and bring it back to the bedroom where I sit it on the floor before getting back into "position."

Unfortunately, as I'm lowering myself down, huffing and puffing apparently, I accidental blow out the flame requiring that I again get back up to go get the lighter and re-light the candle. Without breathing this time, I get back down (again) and slide the candle under the bed to hopefully shed some light on the situation and find my phone. Still found nothing.

I'm starting to wonder if my phone pulled a Harry Houdini and just vanished when I remembered that there was a flashlight in the truck. I dig out the keys and after a couple minutes of searching, find the Mag light.

Back in the bedroom, before trying to get down on the floor again, I shine the light down between the bed and the table as well as behind both. Nothing.

So for the fourth time I find myself lowering myself onto my side to look under the bed and that darn table. NOTHING! Where the heck is this thing??

As I'm down there, I notice how disgusting it is under there. Wondering what else is under the bed, I sweep the light towards the middle of (under) the bed... and I see the corner of my phone sticking out from under something (? what IS that?).

Sigh... If I could get on my tummy, I could probably reach it, but as I can't... I can't. Up again to go find the broom to use the handle the knock the phone into reach.

After getting on the floor for now what is the fifth time, I manage to knock the phone out from under the bed, which my cat finds interesting so he begins to "fight" with the phone and before I can get to him, he knocks it BACK under the bed!

Back down again for the SIXTH time! Luckily this time I can reach it!

Without even getting up off the floor, I sit and read my message: "I love you." from my husband. Sigh... I love you too baby...


  1. Too funny! :) I love that you blew the candle out as you were trying to use it. Just think though... you're half way there. In just a few more months, you'll be able to clean under your bed. ;)

  2. wouldn't it have been easier to just use the house phone to call your cell to see where it was??? Just a thought...BUt I know the me!

  3. Well I suppose I could have called you and said, "Hey Sis, what's my new cell phone number?" LOL No, wait, without that stinking thing I couldn't have remembered yours either. Guess I could have called Mom and Dad though hahaha