Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monday is D Day!

D for delivery of course! ... well at least we hope....

At my Dr's appointment Thursday, my doctor decided that I should be induced a little early and let Reagan come into this world ahead of schedule.
The biggest factor was my blood pressure. It's been a little high for most of the pregnancy so it was controlled by a low dose HBP medication. It had been perfect, but this time it was slightly high again (I do have to admit though, that it was a VERY hectic day at work).

In addition to the blood pressure, I was already about 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, and my cervix is really really low. Combine that with the fact that my biological grandmother, mother, and sister all had pretty quick births.... and my doctor wanted to go ahead and "get this show on the road" even though it will be a little more than a week before my due date.

So I am to go into the hospital at 7am on Monday.

Part of me is really happy about this. There is no surprise "OH MY GOD... My water just broke!" at 3am while my husband is at work. He is able to plan his days off to be sure to be able to be with me. I am able to tell family and friends so that if they want to come they can rearrange their schedule to be there. Most of both mine and Chris's family lives about 2.5 - 3 hours away so they can allow themselves drive time and not feel rushed.

But part of me really isn't sure. I've always believed that God knows better than we do. Wouldn't God's timetable be better for both Reagan and myself than mans timetable? Isn't there a reason that a pregnancy is 40 weeks long? Doesn't the baby need the extra week to fully develop? I know some people go into labor (naturally) early, but again, that is God's timetable. He said "Time's up!" not the doctor.

I just have to trust that He is working through my doctor to know what is best.

I'm excited. I'm nervous too, but overall I'm excited. I'm not so much nervous about the labor and delivery part (I figure if I can survive though 3 marathons in the CA and FL sun, I can manage labor in an AC'ed hospital - not that it will be a walk in the park!), but I'm a little nervous about leaving the hospital. I was only 3 when my mom and dad adopted my brother. I don't remember much about his care. When I met my biological siblings, they were already 6 and 7 years old. Defiantly not babies! I've never had to really care for a baby. Not that little anyway without someone else there who knew what they were doing!

I mean, I've babysat infants before...but this will be a teeny tiny precious gift that depends completely on ME (OK..and my husband too...but mostly ME). That's more than a little intimidating!

Breathe Nicole...just breathe...

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  1. Wow! Monday?!?! So soon! So fun! Will be praying for you... and looking forward to pictures of your sweet girl!