Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday's To-Do list

OK, so it isn't so much MY to-do list as my husband's. I love him dearly but he is the definition of the word PROCRASTINATION! Many of these things I have been asking him to do for a while (because I simply can't for one reason or another) so now he has to do them all today before we go to the hospital tomorrow...

  1. Clear out the guest room for his mom. When we cleaned out the old guest room to make the baby's room, most of the stuff in there went into the office (now the office/guest room). However, it didn't really get put away, just laid about. It is heavy boxes and mainly his military gear so it isn't something I can do by myself... or much at all other than supervise.
  2. Pack the overnight bag for the hospital. Yes, I could do this, but I would do it wrong haha. Hubby is the master packer so even if I did pack the bag,he wouldn't like it and would re-do it so I may as well save myself the energy and not pack. I have however already laid out everything that I need in it.
  3. Put the car seat in my Jeep. I might be able to do this, but Hubby doesn't want me pulling and tugging on things so he keeps saying he is going to do it.
  4. Make the bed in the guest room. I washed the sheets yesterday, I just need help putting them back on - the bed is more so a mattress on the floor so putting the sheets back on involves a lot of crawling around haha. I need help since I can't pull the mattress out away from the wall and/or crawl around too much.
  5. He wants to mow/weed-eat before his mom gets here. This one isn't a "gotta-get-done-before-the-baby-gets-here" type of chore, just one that he wants to do so his mom doesn't think he's a slacker hahaha :)
  6. We also need to do some general shopping so we don't have to do it with a newborn. This I can do, although Hubby wants to go on base to get everything (that's a 45 minute drive or so when Publix is right around the corner!). Technically, I can goon base without him, but if I'm going solo, I'm not going to drive that far. We need things like milk, easy-to-make food for those nights we have no energy, and some stuff we have just run out of like paper towels. Publix here I come...
Looks like Hubby is going to have a busy day!

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