Thursday, April 23, 2009

The cat is out of the bag!

My students crack me up!

One of my lower functioning younger students overheard one of the other teachers say something to me about my pregnancy. It was then repeated later in the cafeteria.... and in line... and in other classes... and all over the school! Eventually my older (6th grade) students started giggling behind my back - they just had the whole sex ed/health talk not long ago.

A few brave souls have come up to me and either asked in whispers, "Are you pregnant?" or started off with the more self preserving, "Someone told me that..."

Their reactions were just as funny as their asking was. Most of the girls were happy and hugged me while most of the boys (who came usually in groups), started laughing and punching each other playfully saying, "I told ya so!" When I confirmed it for one boy in particular, his response was "Bow chicka wah wah!" as he walked off.

During 6th grade math remediation today, one of my more...ahem..."active" boys was doing his normal (unmedicated ADHD) thing. When I said name is a less than perfectly calm manner (as it had not been the first time I called his name in the 30 minutes I had him), he looked up at me and yelled, "Mrs. A, don't stress the baby!" to which he was rewarded by the giggles and laughs of his classmates (and yes, he eventually got me to giggle at that one too).

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