Friday, April 10, 2009

Was that a kick or am I just still woozy?

Yesterday, although not a scheduled Dr. appointment, I had to hit the Health Plex and get some blood work done. Before I went, the nurse practitioner at my Doctor's office said I didn't need to fast and that they would take quite a bit of blood so I might want to go ahead and eat pretty good before I went. She was laughing as she said it so I took it as a joke.

I shouldn't have.

10 vials! That's how much blood they took! 10! TEN! Diez! Dix! (OK that's the extent of my I-can-count-to-ten-in-[whatever language]) What could they possibly be testing that they would need 10 vials of my blood AND my pee in a cup?! After this, my doctor ought to have a full medical history and be able to tell me what I had to eat that day.

Luckily the woman who was taking my pound of blood was very nice ad personable, not to mention professional and very good at what she was doing. I hardly felt the needle go in my arm and she talked to me the entire time she was draining me to keep me from thinking about the wooziness I was experiencing due to the loss of blood.

Afterwards, Chris treated me to a chocolate milkshake :)

Later that night, I was laying on the couch when I felt something... strange. Butterflies? No, not quite. More like fish swimming and hitting me with their tails. What the heck was that? It was just blow my belly button to the left. The doctor told me that I could possibly start feeling the baby kick, especially with how active the baby was the day we had the scan, however, most women mistake the feeling for gas.

But then again, this is my husband's child so it could be that the child is gassy! ;)

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