Friday, April 17, 2009

No running

This is a post that I meant to write several days ago. Monday or Tuesday to be exact, but life got in the way. Ok, maybe not so much life as my bed...

We went back to the doctor on Monday. Wasn't great news, but it could have been worse so I'll do what I have to do. Apparently I have chronic hypertension. High Blood Pressure in other words.

Hmmm, so what does this mean doc? Well first of all, I have to take (more) meds, ya know, on top of the gigantic prenatals I'm already taking. OK, not so bad, I can handle that, it's just a matter of remembering to take them.

It also means more frequent doctors visits. For the next month that means more time off of work, but during the summer it'll be no biggie. But then I'll have to go back to work...

I'll have to go see a specalist who works/lives 2 hours away but comes as close as one hour away once a month or so. yippee... more drive time.

There is a risk of bedrest. My first reaction was "oh no...pleeeeeease don't tell me I have to stay in bed all day" >loaded with sarcasm< but then I realized that this would again mean time off of work, not that I wouldn't love to be away from work some. I just want to be paid my regular paycheck while I'm not working :(

And then there is the reason for all of these precautions. My baby could be in danger. The placenta is only supposed to be in place for the 40 weeks it takes to create life. HBP beats up the placenta and wears it down so that it is "all used up" earlier than the 40 weeks which could cause me to go into early labor risking the baby. There were some other possibilities too but that is the first one she talked about so it was the one that stuck in my head.

The worst though, was when she told me I couldn't run. No running, no walking, no exercising of any sort that will raise my heart rate. I almost cried! Maternity yoga is all she said I can do. Guess I'll have to do yoga in that cute little maternity running skirt I just bought!


  1. Oh no. More appointments, more driving, and no running. Not good. But at least the purpose behind it all is good and in the end it will have all been worth it. And like you said... you still have a cute skirt to wear. ;) Saying a prayer for you as I send this...

  2. Hang in there Babe, I was on bedrest with your sister and your brother but we all made it to full term with no problems...well, that is if you consider Mike no problem!! Love You
    ~ Granny Lynn - I'm getting used to that name!